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In order to participate in the 2018 Carmel Fun Run you must register using our simple and secure online registration form below. Information provided will be used to create your official Identification Badge.



Carmel Fun Run 2018 Registration - Cost per participant is $15. Includes: ID badge, model running privileges, and table display space.

Please complete the radio frequency questions in the registration form below so we can better plan radio usage during the event.

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Carmel Fun Run 2018 T-Shirts!

Order now to get your Carmel Fun Run 2018 T-shirts. These high quality 100% cotton shirts are dark blue with light blue logos silkscreened on front and back. Cost is $15 for sizes S-XL, $17 for XXL, 3X $19, 4X $21, 5X $23.

Orders will close on June 30th. Please place your order before then. NOTE: All T-shirt orders must be picked up at the event.


Event Info

Carmel Fun Run 2018 event info