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The SubCommittee - model submarines The SubCommittee is a not-for-profit organization of members from around the globe who share an interest in building model submarines. As a group we are dedicated to the advancement of the submarine modeling hobby.

In pursuing our shared interest in submarines we compile specific information on the latest techniques for building model submarines, both for static display and radio-control, reviews of model kits, and sources of modeling supplies. Our interest also extends to the history and design of submarines of all nations and eras, research and reference material about submarines, the collecting of submarine memorabilia and anything else submarine related.

Our members are some of the most knowledgeable submarine historians around. They have served as consultants for museums, authors, and film-makers. Our ranks contain former submariners from several navies. We are proud to call the late submarine legend Edward L. "Ned" Beach a former member.

Direct contact between members by phone, email, letter, and our message boards is promoted. The SubCommittee is at its core an information network of friends helping friends. Additionally, it conducts an annual model submarine regatta, which is hosted in different parts of the country. To see what this regatta is like, see our image collections on Flickr.

The SubCommittee is a non-profit mutual-benefit group and is not affiliated with any vendor or model manufacturer.

Our story

about the mission

"I didn't know there were R/C submarines!" That phrase has been uttered countless times over the last several decades. The SubCommittee was created in 1990 as a network of like minded submarine enthusiasts to pool their resources and advance the hobby of static and R/C submarine modeling.

Guided by founding members Ken Hart, Marshall Clark and others, the SubCommittee brought together outstanding modelers from around the world and pooled their resources in the SubCommittee Report, or SCR, the world's first magazine dedicated to submarine modelling.

Enthusiastic membership growth, and the newfound fellowship of the organization, spawned our first international meeting, SubRegatta. An instant hit, SubRegatta became an annual event. Initially hosted by the U.S. Submarine Base in Groton, CT, the event moved to Johnston, RI following the commencement of the War on Terror in 2001. SubRegatta subsequently moved to Carmel, IN in 2005 and has been held there to date.

In order to capitalize on the advantages of new media, the SubCommittee Report began to be published in digital format in 2011. This move brought many advantages over our traditional print version including full color issues, instant publishing, and lower membership costs. In 2012, over 80 back issues of the SCR were made available online to members.

After two decades and counting, the SubCommittee remains the place for modelers and enthusiasts to come together around their favorite subject -- the submarine!

The SubCommittee is dedicated to the advancement of submarine modelling.

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