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R/C Submarine Kit


Ballast Systems
Ballast Systems
Action Electronics   ok  
Alexander Engel KG ok ok ok
Ark Model ok ok ok
DeBoer Hulls ok    
FX Models ok    
Graupner   ok  
HMK Creations ok    
Loyalhanna Dockyard ok ok  
Mark's Model Bits ok   ok
Mike's Subworks ok ok ok
Modell U-Boot Spezialitaten ok ok ok
Nautilus Drydocks ok ok ok
OTW Designs ok ok ok
R/C Subs CZ ok   ok
R/C Sub Workshop ok ok ok
R & R Model Engineering   ok ok
SubmarineWorks ok  
The Scale Shipyard ok  
Zero Bubble Model Design ok  


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Vendor Categories

  • Kits - Vendor sells R/C submarine hulls in various forms. Kits can range from simple hull kits to almost-ready-to-run (ARTR) depending on vendor.
  • Electronics - Vendor sells electronics specifically designed for R/C submarine model use. May also sell general R/C related electronics.
  • Ballast Systems - Vendor sells ballast system related products. Lines range from turn-key systems to individual components for the do-it-yourselfer (DIYer) depending on vendor.