R/C Sub Vendors


Check out our list of hobby vendors supplying products specifically for the radio controlled submarine market.

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R/C Sub Diving Systems

Diving Systems

How do they go down and come back up? Discover the two main systems of submerged operation (and how to keep water off the sensitive stuff).» learn more
R/C Sub Ballast Systems

Ballast Systems

How do I static dive? Let us count the ways. A primer on the great Pump vs. Piston vs. Gas vs. RCABS debate.

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R/C Sub Electronics


Flying underwater is a special thing. And it takes special electronics. Learn the difference between a pitch controller and a failsafe unit.

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R/C Sub Radios


How deep will they go? All the way to the bottom. Find out how to control your boat at depth and bring it back up.

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R/C Sub Hobbynomics


How much will it cost to get in the R/C sub game? We break down a reasonble investment expectation. » learn more